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Kurt & Melissa McDonald

Activating Our Adventure & Showing You How to Do the Same


Who Are We?



Adventure Seekers. DIY Enthusiasts. Health Advocates. Sort of Granola. Momma and Dadda. Golden Doodle lovers.

He plays hockey. She creates.

Family of 6. Two littles: one of each and two Doodle Misters.

Turning dreams into plans and building to an EPIC adventure!

We are Kurt and Melissa McDonald.


Client & Team Reviews

Meeting Melissa and Kurt was such a blessing. They lived such a healthy lifestyle. We were drawn to their energy and eager to find out what made them so full of life. We are grateful to have met them!
— Maryanne Eastburn- Felicia's Toybox
Kim Nase quote
— Kim Nase
amanda quote
— Amanda Hamm- 6 Figure Earner